"I admire individuals who create jobs. Their actions have a direct impact on economic growth, and improve the quality of our lives"



I believe individuals deserve a chance to reach their greatest potential, no matter how many times they have failed, no matter how many times they have gotten into trouble, no matter their circumstances in life. In fact, I strongly disagree with any appointed authority expressing an opinion intended to limit the chances someone needs to succeed.

I believe in challenging all individuals’ perceived limitations, and in helping them overcome their fear of the unreachable.

I am an entrepreneur at heart; I have a burning light inside of me that is undying. Regardless of the situation, it keeps on giving me energy, illuminating my dreams and my desire to keep moving forward.

Years ago, I devoted myself to creating businesses for personal gain and, no matter the amount of money earned, I felt I was not fulfilling my calling in society.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than creating jobs. Knowing my actions result in keeping a family together, in sustaining and growing a community.

This is why I make my know-how available to entrepreneurs and companies.

I apply my knowledge, acquired over more than 20 years, to the following sectors:

corporate management - maritime - finance - real estate investment - land, residential, and commercial development - brokerage - automotive - food service - retail - manufacturing - engineering - agriculture - business development - internationalization

I possess in-depth familiarity and contacts in business relations in the following areas:

continental China - France and its DOM-TOM - Hong Kong - Italy - Japan - Switzerland - USA

Current positions include:

Chief Executive Officer at OXORA - a Global Brand focused on Corporate Management, International Business Development, Territory Promotion and FDI.



"Express your opinion, only when your achievements, by far surpass those of the individual you are judging"



Saint Ambroeus cafè in New York, Pacific One in Hong Kong, the UN in Geneva, or anywhere in-between, I enjoy learning and hearing from new people. Let's connect with each other.

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"If the path ahead looks clear, look further!"



Industries I serve include...

Governments - NGO

_Think tank participation

_Case sensitive, intercountry negotiations via private diplomatic missions

_Political leadership guidance

_Confidential negotiations across party lines

_Consultation on strategic alliances



_Guest lectures: internationalization; entrepreneurship; approaching business in America, Asia, Western Europe, and Caribbean Isles; Impact of personal branding; Image enhancement


_Contributing on re-defining corporate direction for business development

_Leading the opening of new country divisions

_Private guidance and leadership intervention

_Leadership provided for restructuring, turnaround


_Personal branding and Image enhancement

_Corporate entry and exit guidance

_Corporate venture participation in a globalized market

_Internationalization and guidance on expansion into new markets

_Crisis intervention

_Evaluation of new ideas to bring to market

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